To zoom or not to zoom? This is what I wrote about on my blog a year ago today! Lets have a look!!

On the 18th June 2015 I wrote an article on zooming. on the 18th June 2016 I will add my thoughts and comments one year on in bold (and italics) to the content of this article. Has my photography improved?

To zoom or not to zoom. That is the question. Why? Well recently I have been posting images old and new on my new blog. In my blog posts I am trying to tell the story of each image, and the technical side of the image capture and processing that I have done to get the finished product you can see.

My lens range is as follows (all Canon, all using my Canon 6D)

Canon 8-15mm F4L lens - still got this lens but use rarely

Canon 17-40mm F4L lens - my go to lens

Canon 24-105mm F4L lens - my other go to lens

Canon 100-400mm F4L - I sold this and have replaced with the Canon 70-200mm F4L Lens

I also have a 40mm F2.8 STM lens, which I am about to sell as I have hardly used it since buying it. I am going to replace with the "nifty fifty" new Canon 50mm F1.8 for specific use reasons.

I sold the 40mm pancake lens. I didnt get the 50mm lens - in the end I didnt see the point. Sometimes I hear things on Pocasts that convince me to buy something. Now I only buy things that add to my photographic possibilities. The 50mm lens did not.

Back to the zooms, and the thing I have just noticed.

Most of the images I have worked on recently and posted about were taken at one extreme end of the zoom range.

And a year on they are less so at either end of the zoom range. I have notiecd more careful framing and composition, with the zooming being a deliberate act rather than one extreme or the other.

This is why I re-visit old posts, to see what has happened and how I have progressed. That is also the benefit of writing every day - I have lots to look back on!

the 8-15 fisheye zoom is unique in that it is in effect two lenses in one, an 8mm circular fisheye and a 15mm full frame fisheye. The bits in between 8 and 15mm are of no real use to me.

Now this is still the case. And always will be with this lens.

The other three zooms are different. I am going to do a more scientific analysis of my metadata in Lightroom (when I have time with nothing better to do!) , but I sense a trend where images are taken at either 17, 24, 40, 105 or 400mm!

Life is too short for that. What was I thinking?

This is certainly true with the images taken recently on my 17-40mm lens, which has been my main lens while my 24-105 is being repaired.  Most shots are taken at 17mm. Which begs the question why don't I get rid and upgrade to the fantastic Canon 14mm F2.8. L Lens? Well forgetting the small matter of £1600!!

I have by Canon 24-105mm lens back, and that is what lives on my camera.

it is worth thinking about. The trend is zoom lenses over prime. Zoom lenses are great but primes are still faster and provide in general terms better images!!

I am Rick McEvoy, Dorset Photographer. I work mainly in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire.

#Dorset photographer

And I was still doing the hastags!!

The conclusion of this 12 month review of one aspect of my photography is that I no longer think about the focal length I am using, I think about the composition and frame with more thought. The consequence is that I am using the correct focal length for the image, not one end of the zoom range or the other.

Intersetingly I have not really thought about this until i browsed my blog for something from a year ago.

Progress? Yes. Definitely. Composition is more important than the technical side. I am happy that I am able to reach this conclusion about the evolution and development of my photography.

I feel that my photography has improved a lot in the last 12 motnhs, and this is one of the reaons why.

Thanks for reading this post - a shiny new image tomorrow I promise!

But in the meantime tell me - how do you use your lenses?