What can you read about in my photography blog in July

I hope you will enjoy my long blog post about how I manage my pictures in Lightroom.

I am going to (hopefully) write one post each month looking at one subject in depth. 

In July I am going to write in depth about stock photography. I am going to review my markets and plan the way forward. This is a logical next step now that I have all my image files securely backed up, and have a plan for how I manage my images.

Other things you will be reading about in July include the following. 

My. Commercial Photography Portfolio

I must finish my portfolio and submit the draft to to BIPP. 

Hampshire images

2 of the 12 images on my Hampshire photographer page are actually locations in West Sussex. So I need to choose two more pictures of Hampshire to replace these images., and of course update that page on my website.

 Apart from that and my work that I still have to do I am going to spend some quality time on the following

Black and white architectural photography  

Black and white architectural photography 

Black and white property photography  

Black and white construction photography

This black and white phase has been inspired by my playing with the recently free to own Nik software, specifically Silver Efex Pro.

I want to apply black and white processing to my commercial photography work, and see what results I end up with.

And finally......

A post from 1 year ago.

Not decided which one yet but every month I am going to look back a year and review a post, updating the post accordingly.

That is July 2016 sorted. There will be the odd new image thrown in as and when as well.

And the odd bit of photo news. 

I hope that you enjoy the variety of photography posts on July, and I would love to get more feedback on anything related 

Please let me know via my website at http://www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/