Final edit of this picture of the Joint Emergecny Services Building in Poole, Dorset.

Joint Emergency Services Building, Poole, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer

Joint Emergency Services Building, Poole, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer

Picture of the Joint Emergency Services Building, Poole, Dorset - the final edit of the architectural photography picture.

Having done the vertical correction, I had to carry on and do a full edit of this picture of the Joint Emergency Services Building in Poole, Dorset. I have spent too long working on my travel photography pictures from Greece, so it is back to business and my architectural photography work.

The Joint Emergency Services Building was constructed by Morgan Sindall, and I was commissioned to photograph the building by the architect, Carden Croft Calder Peel.

This shot was taken immediately after completion of the constitution works.

In terms of image capture, my settings were  1/1250th of a second at F8, ISO400. This image was taken using my Canon 5D and Canon 24-105mm lens.

Image processing this time was to correct the verticals (see yesterdays post about this) and once I was happy with that I made some corrections in Lightroom. I wanted the image to stand out, so I increased the dynamic range between the building and the background, all in the basics panel. I cropped in a bit, and then darkened the sky and lightened the brickwork, both using sliders in the HSL panel.

After that I checked the content, and didn’t like some of the distractions in the image, so I removed a lamp post, a sign, the shadows on the right from the lamppost and finally I removed and some repair work to the tarmac.

As an architectural photographer my job is to present the building I am photographing in the best possible light.

That is why I am ok with removing distractions around the edges of an image.

These removals and tidying up were done in Adobe Photoshop CC using the mighty clone stamp tool, and a bit of content aware fill. A word of caution here – this takes a lot of practise, and if you have done it correctly you cant see where things have been removed. The thing you need to remember to do is to ensure that there are no repeating patterns, a tell tale that there has been some cloning going on.

It took me a while to learn this, and now happily I can look at this image knowing where I have cleaned up the image and cannot actually see any evidence of my work which is good.

As for the photo – yes too much talk about Lightroom and Photoshop again – I like this architectural photography image of the Poole Joint Emergency Services Building. The composition reflects the imposing design with the dark curtain walling to the high levels and the front corner, but places this building in its context on Wimborne Road in Poole, close to the stadium and houses all around.

The people in the image give it scale.


So all in all I am happy with the image.


As for tomorrows post?? It will be no surprise to regular readers of my blog that I will be posting the black and white version!