The blog post from 12th April 2015 - the date my new Squarespace website went live - and what has happened to my blog since

12th April 2015 I moved by website to Squarespace.

I have een browsing old posts and came across this blog about my new website. I thought I would go through this post and see what has happened since then, and how my blog has evolved over the last 15 months.

So this is what I started this post with. 

"Today is the unveiling of my new website. I have had a complete redesign of the webpages, and will be uploading new images on every page in the next month.

You can view my new home page at"

Good beginning. A link to my home page. Nice and brief.

And then this little lot.

 "About Rick McEvoy LBIPP.

I am a professional photographer based in Dorset providing high quality professional photography services to commercial and private clients in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire. I have recently qualified as a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP).

I work on a freelance basis, and my specialist areas of work are

Architectural photography

Building photography

Commercial photography

Construction photography

Corporate Photography

Event Photography

Industrial photography

Interior Photography

Landscape Photography

Product photography

Property photography



I normally work on a daily or half daily rate, but can work on an hourly basis or fixed price, whichever you prefer. My price includes everything up to and including the production of an agreed set of copyright free images in whatever electronic format you require. The price I quote is the price you pay.



I always provide a professional service from responding to the initial enquiry to the completion of the assignment. I prepare a written quotation for acceptance by the client, and all communications are quickly and professionally dealt with and confirmed in writing.


A final set of images is always delivered within 1 working week of the shoot, quicker if required.

I have never failed to meet a client deadline.

I don’t take thousands of images, just what the brief requires, and I do not give my clients hundreds of images to sort through - just a set of fully edited images that satisfy the brief (or draft images if required quickly). This is normally 20-30 images, rarely more than 50 images for larger shoots. I provide two sets of the images, one a full resolution set, and one a low resolution set (great for emailing and viewing on mobile devices as the file sizes are much smaller). All images are provided in the universal Jpeg format, as well as any other specific formats required.

I use Canon professional cameras and lenses, and do all my own digital processing

More about Rick McEvoy Photography
Please visit my web site to find out more about me, and view a range of my images.


Ways to contact me

Web -

Mobile web -

Email -


Professional Photographer | Dorset | Bournemouth | Poole | Sandbanks | Hampshire

© Rick McEvoy Photography 2014


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#sandbanks #professionalphotographersandbanks

#dorset #professionalphotographerdorset

#hampshire #professionalphotographerhampshire"


Blimey. Not great!

Looks like a copy and paste of my web pages to me. And all those hash tags. 

Clearly I did not know what I was doing then. 

Now I have a structured plan.

I have subjects to write about. Every time I get an idea for a post I create a quick draft with the subject in the title and the date I had the idea. 

I have lots of draft posts waiting to be written about and posted in my blog. I probably have more ideas in a day than posts I make so I have an ever growing list of posts. 

My posts are referenced in my Social Media Channels, which are; 

  1. Blogger
  2. Google + 
  3. Wordpress
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. Pinterest
  7. Tumblr

Each post is related to the subject of the blog in one way or another. But Nickie duplicate content.

I like to write about themes. The current theme is my New Hampshire Photographer page. This is a set of 12 new images taken in Hampshire (apart that is from the two in West Sussex which I included by mistake and have to replace!). Meaning a new West Sussex page is going to be added to my website.

Themes coming up include

  1. Black and white landscape photography week
  2. Black and white architecture photography week
  3. Black and white interior photography week. 

Yes I am getting into my black and white stuff. 

I am also going to write a series of posts about my pictures of architecture from around the world. 

By coming up with these themes I set myself new challenges, as my posts usually contain an image I have taken. I enjoy writing about my photography work and sharing my images, and explaining my image capture and image processing techniques. 

I am constantly developing my image capture and image processing skills, so hopefully my blog will be a useful resource for anyone interested in developing their photography skills. 

I also wrote about my commercial photography work (unless I can't for commercial confidentiality reasons). 

Thanks for reading this post (if you have made it all the way to the bottom, which I hope provides an insight into my blog, which is my personality and views on photography on the blog every day. 

This post was written on Friday 3rd June 2016, expanding on the original blog posted on 12th April 2015.