Bright Blue Turquoise Aquamarine Colourful Greek Sea Picture!!

Navarone Bay, Rhodes

Navarone Bay, Rhodes

Navarone Bay, Rhodes, Greece. A picture of a stunning Greek sea - more like the sea in the Madives than the Aegean Sea!!

Now this is a lovely place. Driving down from Lindos towards Pefkos you have this stunning water on your left. 

As to what colour it is - blue/ green/ turquoise/ aquamarine - I don't know! Or care. 

I am colour blind. I can see red. I can see blue. Green. Etc etc. 

But I struggle with the bits in the middle. 

So I am not really sure what colour this scene is but I know that the sea is stunning whatever the colour. 

This is the IPhone shot edited on my phone using  Lightroom Mobile. 

I am looking forward to working on the picture taken on my Canon 6D with Canon 24-105mm lens. I think I took shots with and without the circular polarising filter on, to see what the difference is, and most importantly to me to see if I can recreate the polarised shot in Lightroom and/ or Photoshop? 

As ever I am finding new things to photograph, new processing techniques to try, and new things to write about.

I drove past this scene day in day out, looking for the best view to photograph this stunning water from. And ended up taking this shot then jumping into that lovely clear water! 

So in the end I did not manage to get the picture of Navarone Bay that I wanted, but am happy that I have the memory of the view for another time, and also I have the memory of jumping in this very water from a glass bottom boat! 

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