One of my pictures of Hampshire that did not make the set of 12 for a very simple reason

Long exposure picture of the river at Barton Stacey, Hampshire

Long exposure picture of the river at Barton Stacey, Hampshire

The reason this shot didn't make my collection of 12 pictures of Hampshire?


Its the wrong shape!

I want a set of 12 cohsive images. Forgetting that two of them are from West Sussex and have to be replaced!

So the set is all in landscape format. I want my set of Hampshire pictures to look like a set, especially now that I am going for the grid of 12 images per web page (I will change this to full screen scrolling images from time to time), so a portrait image does not fit. 

And that is why. 

Yes I could produce a set of 12 portrait format images no problem, and here is the dilemma. 

On my website my images fill the screen. The screen of a PC that is. And an IPad or any other tablet device. When held that way. 

But not an iPhone or any other similar phone. These suit portrait format much better. 

So what to do? 

I am going portrait. I am seeking work from people at work, on PCs. Yes we all have other devices but at work we have a desk, PC and monitor. 

Enough about that. I want to talk about this image and what makes it different. 

A 20 second exposure of a river in broad daylight. 

Thats the difference. 

20 seconds at F8, ISO100. Canon 6D. Canon 17-40mm lens. Focal length used 17mm. 

So how did I manage 20 seconds in broad daylight, 

My Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter. My tripod. My camera self timer. Some experimentation with exposures. 

And I got a daylight shot with flowing water. 

This filter is awesome, and I love using it in daylight conditions to produce something that makes you stop and look for a second. 

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