Picture of a shipwreck in Cyprus - the black and white version

Shipwreck, Cyprus - black and white conversion using Nik Sikver Efex Pro

Shipwreck, Cyprus - black and white conversion using Nik Sikver Efex Pro

This post is all about black and white photography. I have talked a lot about Nik Silver Efex Pro. This is why.

It was always the software I wanted but couldn't justify the cost of, so I thought, for the type of work that I do.

I was wrong

Take this shot as an example. I love photographing boats. I have lots of pictures of boats, mainly taken in the UK.  This shot was taken on the last day of a holiday to Cyprus.

We were literally killing the last hour before going to the airport, when I spotted what I thought was a ship wreck. Can't be surely?? 

But yes it was

I have spoken before about the importance of research. This is a classic case of no research. But then again it was a holiday. Not a photography trip. 

So I managed to quickly capture this shot, which I have written about previously. 

So onto the software - Nik Silver Efex Pro.

I have enjoyed playing with the Nik Software package, and have gone back to some of my favourite photos and re-edited them into black and white. 

This is one of those images that works really well in black and white, using the Fine Art Process preset.  This is the first time I have used this preset, and it just goes to prove it is always worth trying new things with your photography.

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