Rick McEvoy Photography Blog - what I will be writing about next

What's next on the Rick McEvoy Photography Blog?

Having spent time focussing on my Hampshire Photographer web page recently, I am going to continue writing themed sets of blog posts, covering a variety of subjects.

So what am I going to be writing about?

My Architectural Photography Portfolio.

I need to finish that set of 30 images for my BIPP Portfolio submission. That should be job number one but probably won't be, as I have something shiny and new to work on!

Travel photography in Rhodes, Greece.

Having just come back from Rhodes I have some new images to work on. Well import, sort, rate, delete and then edit. Then write about. I am excited about this set of new images that I will be working on.

This might well be what I do next week. And the week after….

Other things coming up on my blog

Black and white photography week.

Not one but three, covering architectural, interior and landscape photography. There might be a fourth now I think about it. Black and white travel photography.

OK black and white photography month!


And I need to clear/ sort my collection of draft blog posts- the list has grown and needs sorting.

This is in no particular order by the way, just my thoughts on producing a more structured set of subject matters. Most of the posts will be pictorial, unlike this one.

Subject Matter - the endless source

When I decided I was going to do a daily blog I did wonder how long it would take before I was struggling for material, but there is no sign of that happening anytime soon.

I think I have enough things to write about to keep me going for the next three months without thinking about subjects to write about. And in the next three months a lot can happen.

Any questions?

If you have any photography related things you would like me to write about please let me know and I will happily oblige. You can get hold of me via my contact page at


Or by phone or email from the numbers on my home page


Thanks for reading this post – call back tomorrow for a nice bright sunshiny kind of shot