Monday morning blues

Monday morning. 5 am. I fire up my PC. I have a specific job to do. 

I fire up my PC. 

The shortcuts to Lightroom and Photoshop do not work. 

No problem. All I need to do is open the Adobe CC App and I can launch from there? 

Photoshop - yes

Lightroom - no

So I cannot open Lightroom. If I can't open Lightroom I can't acces my Lightroom  Catalogue.

Next thing is to re-boot. 

All I get is a tick next to the name Lightroom. But no way of opening it!!!! 

What next? 

Open my web browser. And a new screen opens up inviting me to try Lightroom for 30 days. 

Adobe help.

Utuli had to reinstall Lightroom. Which took time....   And I made the mistake of sitting there watching the progress bar, which made it all the more painful.

Turns out my version of Lightroom was corrupt. 

Thankfully I have not lost any of my presets or settings.. 

It is working now. One hour to do one job lost. 

Thank you Adobe for fixing the problem so quickly.

Hopefully my day will now improve!!