My Photography Portfolio - where was I up to?

My Photography Portfolio

Now where was I?

Quick recap. I had a Portfolio Review with the fantastic Bryn Griffiths on Saturday 19th March.

I started off reviewing the 31 images from my 2014 submission from which I achieved Licentiate status in the British Institute of Professional Photography, giving me the letters LBIPP.

Now I want to be considered for the next level of qualification, Associateship.

So having reviewed the 2014 submission I out together a collection of 40 images which I took with me to the show for Bryn to have a look at.

My Portfolio selection was much more focussed, concentrating on architectural photography, construction photography and industrial photography.

This is what I specialise in. It made sense to confine my portfolio to my specialisms.

So the landscape photography images had to go. There will be a separate set of landscape images, as well as other image sets that I have been working on, but they are for another time.

40 images, many new ones, but some going back a few years, forming not a bad start and something constructive to start with.

I started to work on my Portfolio, and got side-tracked, so now in my more focussed way I am going to sort my portfolio for submission to the BIPP once and for all.

I need to get down to 30 images. I am going to niche down even more on reflection, to 30 images of buildings, interiors and exteriors. All landscape format, all colour, hopefully in a coherent image set that fit together nicely.

So this is what I will be writing about every day until this exercise is completed, one image at a time, 30 posts, hopefully not 30 days!

Hopefully I will get off to a good start and you will be looking at the first Portfolio Image here on my blog tomorrow, so please make sure you check back tomorrow to see what happened. Obviously the first thing I need to review is the set of 30 images, and discard images that do not fit within the specific area of architectural photography, and also of course see if I have anything new to add to the set of 30.

Rick McEvoy Photography

20th July 2016