My Photography Portfolio - what I am going to do next

OK I am not going to rush into this.  This will be my portfolio for a few years, and will be the collection of images that I use to try and gain more work.

It is very important to me. And going forwards I will add images to it as and when better images appear. One in, one out.

I want my Portfolio set of images to flow.

I am going to produce a collection of 35-40. Not 30 (I checked the notes from my Portfolio Review).

This will give a selection that can be either culled back or need more work. The image set is going to be made up of the following;

  • 20 architectural photography images
  • 20 interior photography images

I am thinking about adding some industrial photography images. And having thought about this I am not going to include them. Time to focus….

This is my starting point. I will then sequence the images so they flow. I need something to transition from the architectural set to the interior set.

Once this is done I can edit the images. This is the bit I really enjoy, especially when I am giving myself the time to edit the images as much as I want to.

And this set of images will form the basis of the visual content on my home page, and in other marketing and promotional material.

The editing process will produce a consistent set of images, consistent in terms of

  • Look
  • Feel
  • Style
  • Brightness
  • Sharpness
  • Contrast
  • Colour

This covers the aesthetic and technical angles.

This is how I am going to approach the next stage in the production of my new portfolio, so now it is time to sit down and choose my images!

One more thing. On my website I have categories such as Dorset, Hampshire, architectural, interior etc – I will have to go through all of these and update each and every image set. One at a time. 

More work for me……

Rick McEvoy Photography

23rd July 2016






Rick McEvoy