Portfolio Image Number 9 - a bit of drama amongst the architecture of Poundbury

Poundbury, Dorset - a dramatic image  

Poundbury, Dorset - a dramatic image  

A picture of the unique architecture of Poundbury in Dorset.

With added mood and drama.

This is a picture of Poundbury in Dorset. I was commissioned by the architect, John Simpson Architects, to photograph the buildings they designed as part of the development of Poundbury.

I have to remember that my portfolio images are just that – portfolio images. They are not client images. I have the freedom to do what I want to these images, so for this shot which I have always really liked I decided to add some mood and drama.

Photography in Poundbury is always a delight, such is the style and variety in the architecture of this unique development.

This is the RAW image, taken on my Canon 6D with Canon 17-40mm lens.

Poundbury Architecture, Dorset

Poundbury Architecture, Dorset

The exposure was 1/250th second at F16, ISO100, with the camera firmly mounted on a tripod.

I was photographing this building, which houses the Morrish Builders sales and marketing suite (I could have removed the signs but decided to keep them in), and liked the composition with the rAiling in the footpath (I think by the bus stop). Again the contrast between the RAW image and the final edited image is startling.

For my portfolio I removed the cars and extended the sky and the left part of the scene using that amazing new content aware crop feature. The reason I did this was to give more balance to the image, moving the railing away from the edge of the frame.

Having done some removal and addition (to the client issue version I should have said) I then extended the dynamic range even more using dodging and burning, one of my favourite things to do in Lightroom.

Dodging and burning gave me a brighter footpath and building, darkening the road, sky and edges of the image. I want your eye to take you from the footpath to the building first, which I think happens quite well.

Tomorrow I will be posting another portfolio image, and I might stick to the external image set until that is done. So far I have 9 images completed, 8 external architectural photography images, and just the one interior photography picture of the dome.

Let's see how quickly I can produce another 12 images to complete the architectural photography image set.

Rick McEvoy Photography

29th July 2016