Do you need to sort out your photography gear?

I did. So now all my photography gear is organised. For the first time!

Over the weekend I did something I have been wanting to do for ages. 

Sort my gear. 

Having recently moved house I now have the room for the first time. And I had some time. 

A very therapeutic task if ever there was one. 

I went through a logical process. I have two main camera bags, a Lowepro back pack, which is pretty much where my camera lives, and a Lowepro Magnum bag, where everything else I use goes. On a shoot I often just use the Magnum bag, but the back pack is my day to day and travel bag.

In my third bag, a Lowepro backpack with waterproof zip, I carry my spare camera etc.

I also have a tool box with bits of kit like cable ties, clamps etc.

Finally, I have my Manfrotto tripod.

This little lot goes with me on every shoot. And everywhere I go.

I forgot one piece of kit. My big yellow pole. Another post for that piece of kit.

Everything else stays in the house. I have organised the stuff I use into boxes on a shelf in my office, and the stuff I don’t use has gone into a bigger box at the bottom of the cupboard. This contains all sorts of stuff that I have bought over the years, some of which I have never used. Some of the stuff is rubbish - well actually that went into one of two bin bags.

And that left me with two spare tripods, four spare tripod heads and four camera bags of varying shapes and sizes.

This tidying up coincided with a recent podcast episode of This Week in Photo, where the discussion turned to the bane of may photographers, Gear Acquisition Syndrome! Have a listen to this and the other episodes at - this is one of my favourite podcasts.

Now that I have got my gear sorted I am going to write about some of my gear – what I use and how I use it. And how to avoid getting too hung up on gear. So make sure you keep popping back to my blog at to see what I am writing about, after I have finished my portfolio of course!

Rick McEvoy Photography

2nd August 2016