My new Photography Portfolio - nearly half way through but time to pause and think

I am half way though my portfolio. Well I have 16 fully edited architectural photography and interior photography images as I write this post. It is taking longer than I thought. I have lots of other things I want to do.

So time to stop and pause. This is not a job to be rushed, and I have lots of other pressing commitments at the moment.

Not least I have work to do, and marketing work to do to keep the work coming in.

And on top of all this I have my daily blog. I have committed to posting to my blog every day, and have managed to do so since January 2016.

It is now August, so that is 7 months of posts every day.

Another reason to stop and pause. You can read about my thoughts on this subject tomorrow right here on my blog at

So what have I learnt about my portfolio?

Firstly, how much I enjoy putting together a set of images.

And also how I enjoy going through my back catalogue, comparing new work with my older stuff. I can gauge how much I have progressed. Happily, there is some good stuff from quite a long time ago now, but also the best stuff is my recent work.

I have 8 architectural photography images and 8 interior photography images. That is by chance. I did not plan it this way honest. That is just how it fell together.

The images are working well together, and I have a sequence in my head that obviously needs more images to finalise but I am happy with my progress. Some of the additional editing for my portfolio has been extensive, but some of the images have required relatively minor additional work.

And the one image that needed nothing doing to it was an absolute bonus!

And as another bonus I have a set of black and white edits of each portfolio image, so I have something new and different to play with and share.

So I need another 24 images to get to the set of 40 for submission to the BIPP.

One thing that I have noticed is that I have my own style evolving in front of my eyes, which is rather exciting.

I am going to schedule out 2 blog posts per day to try and clear this backlog, as I need to get on with other things on my blog a well as update my website.

Tomorrow more words from me, this time my thoughts on my blog and how things are going, then back to producing new images.

Thank you for reading this post, a pause to reflect, and please call back to my blog tomorrow.

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Tuesday 16th August 2016