How am I progressing with my new photography portfolio I hear you ask?

Very well - thanks for asking!

37 out of 40 images done. I need three more. I have 17 exterior shots and 20 interior shots.

So it looks like three more exterior shots are required and I have my 40.

I should have 38 images but I rejected one image which has made a mess of all my scheduling of posts etc.

And confused me no end.

But I am back on it now.

And I have 35 black and white edits for my spare portfolio. That one even I can work out and sort.

So three more architectural images, and five more black and white images.

And then I move on. For a while.

No sorry one more job to do – sequencing. I need the images to flow, with that transition I have talked about before from interior to exterior photographs.

Once that is done I will leave my portfolio for a couple of weeks. I am going to move on to other things I need to do, and you never know some new images might appear from my current work which go straight in there.

I am going to submit my portfolio(s) to the BIPP at the end of September.

Once submitted I will receive feedback on the 30 I need to submit – yes I will be losing 10 images from the set. Poor things. No-one likes being rejected…

When I have my sets of 30, hopefully 15 interior and 15 exterior sets, I will produce a new section on my website called, Portfolios (I know where do I come up with these creative names from).

I will have 60 images, interior, exterior, colour and black and white.

I will add to these portfolio pages over time, but I have not yet decided how I will do this. I could go by the following

  • Colour
  • Location
  • Town
  • County
  • Building
  • Style
  • Architecture Style
  • Subject matters
  • Sunsets
  • Clouds
  • Skies
  • Water
  • Fields
  • Trees
  • Boats
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Buildings

This is just a quick list. Just some thoughts. You get the idea…

Boring statement alert.

Sorry. I am going to repeat myself. Writing helps me think. One reason is that I am not distracted by other things (other than my own digressions), and writing allows me to think about a subject.

Digression over.

Back to Lightroom for me in the search for those 3 extra images. Call back to my blog tomorrow to see what I have come up with!

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Wednesday 7th September 2016