Now my Photography Portfolio is done what next? Well lots actually!

Now I have completed my portfolio I am going to spend some time posting new images as and when I take them using my iPhone and iPad, as well as images  taken using some techniques I am working on in Photoshop.

The structure of my blog posts has gone, and now it is going to a much freer content you will see, varying from day to day.

I posted two iPhone images taken at Sandbanks the other day, and I have to say I enjoyed the freedom of taking pictures on my IPhone and the processing the images in Lightroom Mobile on my IPad, and posting straight from there. I did this in my car on location in Sandbanks!

I did also take a lot of images with my Canon 6D but they at the time of posting the were still in my camera.

So expect something different and new on my blog over the next couple of weeks. I am still working on some new subjects which I will start posting in the New Year.

But for the next two months I am going to get back to enjoying my blog and the content, which will include a variety of pictures from my iPhone and Canon 6D, as well as my thoughts on photography. And some photo news.

I hope that you enjoyed the two pictures taken at Sandbanks, which have a nice feel to them. They were taken around noon, the time we are all told not to take photos as the light is not great.

Nonsense. Do not let this stop you shooting, Yes you get great light around sunset and sunrise, but there is lots else in between to photograph.

What is really, really important is that we all go out with our cameras whenever we can and try to capture great images.

Forget the rules. Go out and shoot,

And as I said the other day, Watch the light, Where it is, What it is doing.

Photography is all bout light remember.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Wednesday 26th October 2016