So now I have completed my Professional Photography Portfolio what do I do next?

My portfolio is done. I have written about the 40 images (the typo that was here was gems not images – was that me) that make up the portfolio that I am going to submit to the BIPP.

So what next? I will write separately about sequencing, but there is one more job I am going to do.

I have 40 portfolio images. These are architectural photography shots and interior photography shots. All pictures of buildings.

40 images to produce a portfolio of 30 images for formal submission to the BIPP.

I am going to produce another 40 portfolio images.

The same 40 images but black and white versions. Over the next 40 days I am going to post these 40 images and write about the conversion from colour to black and white. Some of these images I have already produced and posted. Some I have not. This is going to be the whole set in order of capture date, oldest to newest.

Some of the posts will be long, some will be short.

Why am I using date order to sequence the images? Simply because I can.

I am going to edit each image individually using Nik Silver Efex Pro. I will be looking for a degree of consistent across the image set but they will all have their own individual styles. Hopefully they will look like a cohesive set of images, but what I do not want to do is produce 40 black and white images using the same process. You know, same preset, same adjustments, more like factory production.

This is not for me. Each image is an individual image that deserves individual attention.

At the end of this I will have a black and white portfolio as well.

40 black and white portfolio images. Looking forward to this.

As an aside I want to mention the BIPP. The BIPP evolved out of the Professional Photographers Association which was created in 1901 in Fleet Street, London.

The BIPP is the British Institute of Professional Photography. I am a Licentiate. Hence my designation LBIPP. A licentiate is defined as

  • “Entry level qualification, showing an established professional level of skill and competence.”

My Portfolio submission is being submitted as part of my application to become an ABIPP, an Associate, defined as

  • “A high standard of craftsmanship and creative ability”.

This is what I am aiming for.

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Wednesday 14th September 2016