A job I have to do with my photography blog in February

The job is? 

Clear out my draft photography blog posts. There are rather a lot of them. and every time I want to get to a scheduled post I have to scroll all the way down through these posts!

Which made me ask the question - why are they there? 

More to the point - why have I not posted them? 

I have more than enough new content I am working on so February is the month when this will all be sorted.

Lots of new stuff for you all to read/ look at in February then!! There are lots of image which I have edited on my iPad Pro and iPhone using Lightroom Mobile. This is in part from my trying to sort out my Lightroom Catalogue, and also due to my impatience when I have some new images to work on.

The sorting of the Lightroom Cataloge didn't go that well to be honest. That job rolls over. 


Yet again. 

By the end of February 2017 I will have an empty draft folder in my photography blog. Ideas now get out somewhere else.

And maybe even a new look and feel to my Squarespace website? 

Lots to look forward to here in February 2017!  and hopefully the rain will stop soon down here in not so sunny Dorset..

Rick McEvoy Photography

Tuesday 31st January 2017