What I am going to be writing about on my Photography Blog in February 2017 – a lot of content in a short month!

I need to plan my photography content blog for February. I say this as January did not go according to plan. Nothing disastrous. Just not according to plan.

So this is what my photography blog will contain in February 2017.

Conclusion of my series of pictures of the shoot at Delph Woods in Poole. And hopefully the conclusion of the article I am writing, although I do believe I might have a technical hitch, which will put this back a little bit. But this technical hitch, which I will write about once all the images have been published, is a good learning experience.

Collections are still an issue.

I need to get my Dorset Photographer web page completed and uploaded.

I might make this Dorset Photography Month.

Well why not? I have the pictures of the woods to complete, and the words to accompany my first photography article.

So February is now Dorset Month.

And if that is the case I now declare March to be Hampshire Photography Month – I have lots of similar tasks to do with my Hampshire Photographer work as I do for my Dorset stuff. And I have some great pictures of a National Trust location I have recently discovered.

And also “Clear out my draft folder of blog posts” month – I know – not quite so snappy but still needs doing. There will be a lot of posts in February. Really, lots.

For my Dorset Photographer web page I need to complete the text and 12 images. I am nearly there with the images, and the test is in draft, so this is definitely achievable in February.

And there is something else I am itching to write about – my new camera bag – the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag.

Finally, I need to go back through my plans for the monthly schedule of content on my photography blog, which I wrote about, and do something with it to make it easier for me to follow. It is one thing coming out with plans, another actually doing them!

And finally finally, I need to produce the following regular features

  • Image of the Week
  • Image of the Month
  • Lightroom Quick Tip
  • Photoshop Quick Tip
  • Photography Terms Explained

That is quite a lot in a short month. Best get on with it!

And then there is the new template of my website.

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Wednesday 1st February 2017