Want to be an architectural photographer? Check out this article I have written for Improve Photography

Yes. I have written this. Well why not? Who better to write an article like this than me?

Want to be an architectural photographer? Read my guide here

This article went live on the Improve Photography website on Wednesday of this week. Around the same time Adobe announced the biggest update to Lightroom in a decade!

Oh well, I'm sure the next article, due to be posted in a fortnight, won't have anything so grand keeping it in the shadows.

Seriously though, check out Improve Photography. it is for all levels of photographers, and the podcast is up to episode 248. I have listened to evey available episode and look forward to it every week - this has been the case a long time before I became a writer for the website.

But back to me.

This is the first in a series of articles where I explain what I have learnt over the years working as an architectural photographer. In future articles I will write about

  • Image capture
  • Image processing
  • Business aspects of architectural photography
  • Planning
  • Business development

I know. Some of this sounds rather dull. But if you want to make a living as an architectural photographer these are important things.

Boring but important.

I use that quite a lot.

I thought it best to start my writing career writing about what I know best of all things, and this is what I did.

I hope that you find the article interesting, and please get in touch if you have eny questions, or obviously if you want me to photograph your building.

Rick McEvoy - Architectural Photographer

For new readers and new subscribers to my blog I am an architectural photographer based in Dorset working mainly in Dorset and Hampshire photographing buildings.