Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Not today. Today it is not a viable product for a commercial photographer

This morning Lightroom Classic has been horrendous. It was fine yesterday, I was flying through the HDR Merges. Today Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC are so slow it is a joke.

Lightroom is working to a point, but Photoshop CC just grinds to a halt. I don’t understand this as the first 10 images I cleaned up in Photoshop went just fine, then it just fell over and is now painful. 

I am sat here writing this with the dreaded “Reading Camera Raw Format” text and that ever so slow green bar. 

And of course the skinny circle thing that means I have to wait. 

Sorry to bore you with this again but Lightroom and Photoshop are important to me. It is important that they work. 

One day they work. 

The next they don’t work? 

I am going to shut the lot down and see if that helps. 

Not happy. I have work to do and do not have time for this. 

It has taken me one hour to clean up 8 images from an architectural photography shoot. One hour.

That is a joke - all that wasted time waiting. 

What are the alternatives then? I dont really know as I have not looked into this yet but it is time to. 

If this is the future of Lightroom and Photoshop I need to get something else. It has taken over a minute to save 10% of one image in Photoshop. This is horrendous.. 

Options I am aware of are

Lightroom CC

This is clearly the future of Lightroom. We all will be on it or leave the Creative Suite. It will be one or the other. And this means putting all your photos in the cloud.


Adobe want to charge you to put your photos (and videos) in the cloud. That is the future model for making money. 

The cost is not too bad (at the moment) - I think it is £10 per 1TB. 

The question is this - do I want to my photographs in the cloud? 


I want them on my hard drive. I want to take responsibility for them, and have control of where they are. I do not want to give my entire livelihood to Adobe.

So I need to look elsewhere. Which is what I am going to do. I am not putting 57,234 photos in Adobes hands - no thank you. 

Which is a shame as this is clearly the way forward, and clearly the way Adobe are thinking. 

What are the alternatives to Lightroom CC?

I will look into this and get back to you.

Rick McEvoy Photography