Is Lightroom Classic quicker? No. Neither is Photoshop.

Today I have had a bad morning with Lightroom Classic. It worked fine then it all went pear shaped. Lightroom went from slick to unworkable again.

I have had some inspiration though - when I have finished what I am working on I am going to look at going back to the previous versions of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Whilst these versions of the software were quite bad they are not as bad as the new versions, which is a worry.

Why would Adobe rush a long awaited upgrade to Lightroom making things worse.

Before the upgrade to Lightroom "Classic" - or as I now call it Lightroom Temporary (until Adobe make you put your photos on the cloud) I had hope.

Now I do not.

It is a worry and significantly affecting my work.

Not good.

Adobe - please fix Lightroom and Photoshop and stop playing around with cloud models that I would imagine most photographers are not interested in, even though we all know that at some point we will have to go to our cloud based model or leave altogether.

I am looking at leaving the Creative Cloud completely - I have no choice.

And the worst thing about all of this - we are all still paying every month for what is now quite frankly appalling software.

Rick McEvoy Photography