Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Well Photoshop took forever to fire up this morning. But there is hope....

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? I keep asking this question. It seems to vary from day to day.

Another question on this subject. How long did it take for Photoshop to load this morning? 

5 minutes 48 seconds. 

And after all that time Lightroom, having failed to open at all, started my working day by not responding. 

I am sick and tired of having to go through this what seems like every day.

But wait. There is an update on the Creative Cloud. Update 19.01. 

Back in a second. I have to install this update - now that I have gone for the new versions of Photoshop, which was my big mistake, I need to get through the buggy phase. 

Hopefully this will sort Photoshop out.  

See Adobe - I have not lost the faith - I just need to be able to get my work done. Lets see how long this takes to install.

While I am waiting a few thoughts.

I am looking at the Lightroom CC icon thinking I have to give it a try. I do not want to put all my photos on the cloud, but this is the future. Like it or not this is the future.

I have decided that once I have sorted out the work I am trying to get through I will install Lightroom CC and see what it is like. Not sure how that will work - will I have to add my entire Lightroom Catalogue to the cloud? 

I am pretty sure that you can have Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC running at the same time. I need to get the architectural photography work out of the way first though, which I should be working on right now. 

I have 110 images to edit, which is rather a lot, especially considering the speed of Lightroom. If it behaves I should be fine, and have everything issued this week.

I am of course assuming here that the update to Photoshop works, and that Photoshop will be working just fine like it did before? 

17% complete after 6 minutes. Now that might be down to my bafflingly slow wi-if speed.

No I am not having a particularly good time of it at the moment.

At least these problems with Lightroom and Photoshop are giving me quality time to write some longer posts. For company I have Spoonman by Soundgarden being played on Nights with Alice (Alice Cooper) on Planet Rock. And I am listening to this great radio station using my  “Aftershokz Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones, AS500, Color: Black

Must go and get some work done in Lightroom - will let you know how the update went (12 minutes 31% complete). 

OK - the update is a big improvement. But I have noticed one thing that I suspected was going on. Photoshop and Lightroom between them are using 90% of my computers power, slowing everything else down.

This is in performing the heady task of opening a photo that is in Lightroom in Photoshop. Thats all. Something here is not right.

But since the update to Photoshop I have been able to use both Lightroom and Photoshop, so I have a chance of getting my work done, which is better than the situation at 5am wen I had no chance at all.

Rick McEvoy Photography