Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Bearable is being generous.

This was actually from yesterday morning.

“Managed to get the edits done. Took far longer than it should. Writing this while I sit and look at my screen with the dreaded words “Not responding”.

And it is back. No sorry it’s gone again.

I am not actually doing anything in Lightroom and my screen is going blank!

All I have to do now is add the metadata and export the images. Should be a piece of cake?”

That was yesterday morning. I just ran out of time, so never finished the post.

Since then I have enabled the graphics card acceleration, and restarted Lightroom. 

Did this work? 

Pop back later to find out. 

And don’t worry - I will get off the subject of Lightroom soon. It is just baffling that when the new Lightroom Classic was added to the Creative Cloud it appeared at first to have fixed all the speed issues, but over time these problems have come back. 

As I say - all rather baffling. 

Rick McEvoy Photography