5 Photography Mistakes I Keep on Making

What are these mistakes I keep on making? Check out the full article on Improve Photography.

These are the five mistakes I am referring to. 

  1. Taking too many images. 
  2. Resetting camera settings. Or rather not resetting them.
  3. Not finishing one thing before starting another.
  4. Photo Apps that I download and never use.
  5. Software. Buying it and not using it.

I have received a number of comments on this article which is great, and have got to the bottom of the most talked about mistake, taking too many images. 

I now realise that this is a bad habit I got into when I was much less experienced and much less competent than I am now. 

I just do not need to do this anymore, now that my technique is much much better.

Anyway, check out the article on Improve Photography, and also the comments from readers. And while you are there check out all the other great articles by my fellow writers. 

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