An update on how Lightroom Classic is performing as I work through a set of architectural photography images

I am working on a set of 45 architectural photography images in Lightroom.

Digression warning!

Sorry. This thought came to me as I was working on these images.

I might have not mentioned this before, but I do not process each image completely then move onto the next one. I work sideways though the panels.

Thinking about it I don’t know if that is normal or not - I will explain this in another post on another day.

Apologies for this aside to today’s update on Lightroom Classic following the recent major upgrade to Lightroom CC.

Basicaly Lightroom Classic is, from my experience, much much quicker than the former version of Lightroom CC.

Import is much quicker once you know about the secret update to the import process - embedded and sidecar. Image culling and sorting, and in my case stacking bracketed sets, is also much quicker. 

HDR Merge is much quicker. I managed 29 images at once - yes it took a while but that is loads better than with the older version.

So thats the good news. Now for some not so good news.

The spot removal tool is now useable. I say useable, as it was so poor I was forced to do this work in Photoshop, and having got used to the power of Photoshop I still prefer to clean up images in Photoshop. Spot removal in Lightroom is not great, and nothing like it is in Photoshop.

Which is a shame.  

And the other thing I have noticed, which I hope Adobe are aware of, is that the transform adjustments are anything but slick and smooth. Once I make an adjustment Lightroom Classic seems to have a wobble, the screen goes funny, and then it settles down again and does what I have asked it to do. 

Hopefully just a bug. 

Overall though Lightroom Classic is, in my opinion after working with it a lot over the last couple of weeks, much much better so that is excellent news.

I will post a further update next week - lots more things to do. And I must have a go at the New luminosity masking feature, which is very exciting to me. 

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