How to make money from stock photography – join me as I start my journey selling my photography work

How to make money from stock photography? Now there is a question, and one that I will be looking at as part of the next piece of work I am going to undertake – finally I am going to start work on my pictures of Santorini. The production of these images will have a logical end point, namely this.

OK – I have a great set of pictures of Santorini – what do I do with them? And more importantly, how do I make money from them?

I believe that the key to a successful photography business is to have a range of diverse income streams.

Stock photography is one market I want to explore.

This is my aim,.

By the end of 2018 I want to have enough good and relevant images on stock sites to produce a tangible income. I want to get 1000 images onto stock sites asap, and then add to them as part of my daily work. If I can get to 5000 images by the end of 2018 I will consider that a success. And a beginning.

This will no doubt also lead to me taking photographs for stock markets, which is fine and is another logical and natural extension of my current photography work.

I will also look at video. Not only on my iPhone but also using my DSLR – I know brave new world. Making videos on my Canon DSLR!

And time for me to invest in a DJI Osmo! Another post for another time.

Stock video is the future surely.

So much to write about!

The other thing I need to work on is the quality of audio for the types of videos I want to produce and publish on my photography blog/ You Tube - ones with me talking. To get better audio quality I will using the Rode Video Mic Me, kindly supplied to me by Rode for a product review on Improve Photography scheduled for January 2018 (which I have just added to the media calendar).

Back to the beginning of my looking to stock photography. I am clearing the decks for a pleasurable two months working on my Santorini images from earlier on this year – I have waited far too long for this and now is time.

And like I said earlier the outputs of this work will feed into the stock stuff I will be looking at. I am going to start my research into stock with the set of edited photographs of Santorini, however many that may be.

I have had a realisation - the realisation that I need to go through my Lightroom Catalogue from start to finish and get everything that has a commercial value out there on the internet where it can earn money.

No point having work sat on my hard drive doing nothing now is there?

But one problem - where do I begin? I begin by researching the subject properly. Researching before I expend any time and effort.

This is how I roll these days – actual looking into things before getting stuck into them. I am giving myself the two months I have given myself to work on my Santorini pictures to look at this at the same time.

And to start my research I am going to read a book.

Now not a book as in a paper thing – no – I have just bought a Kindle from Amazon and am reading the book on that. The Kindle is the subject of another post.

The book is called Getting Started in Stock Photography, which I bought from Amazon. It is written by Steve Heap.

I came across Steve Heap when he was interviewed on the Improve Photography Podcast, episode 232. It was an excellent  episode, and I learned in that episode that Steve sells primarily landscape and travel photography images.

Which is what I want to do. Well my photography work consists of three elements

You see where I am going with this?

I will report back in January with an update once I have finished with my Santorini photos.

Rick McEvoy Photography – Stock Photographer