Has Lightroom Classic fixed all the speed problems? No. Right now it is as bad as ever. And Photoshop is even worse.

Lightroom Classic is as slow as the previous version. Very frustrating. And Photoshop is no better. 

Now I need to think about this. We have all been waiting for the big update, but two weeks on it is little better so what next? 

Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC are, judging by the performance issues I am receiving as I write this, not up to the job. 

As a commercial photographer I cannot afford all this time wasted waiting for software that I am paying for to work. 

This is ridiculous. 

All I am trying to do is clean up some image edited in Lightroom. And both Lightroom and Photoshop have just slowed down and ground to a halt. 

Adobe - what is going on? I need to get this work out NOW. But the software you are charging me for is not working? 

I have written this waiting for an image in Lightroom to open in Photoshop. 

Time to reboot and calm down. 

Rick McEvoy Photography