And coming up on my photography blog? Before I get to the good stuff a bit of work to do

Monday I change tack completely. It is time for my photographs of Santorini. After all this time I am nearly there. I went there in April, and am putting everything else to one side for two months. And I can’t wait. But before then a few things I need to sort out. This is of course in addition to earning a living!

Tomorrow and Sunday I am going to publish a load of posts which are languishing in the draft folder in my Squarespace App.

There are also a couple of things that I need to do on my website. Just get these things out of the way and that is my website done for a couple of months.

No winder I can’t wait!!

  1. Get rid of my subscribe thing – it just was not working, and I have always found it annoying, even a bit needy!
  2. Change the page titles – I hate the page with photographer after – it looks too much like SEO driven content, which of course it is. Need to make sure I don’t mess up the page URLs though.
  3. Update the text on my home page. Again, something is not quite working with the content as it is.
  4. Add some testimonials to my website. Why have I not done this before? No idea.

I have three Google reviews that I am going to add to my testimonials page, and I am also going to extract some nice words from emails and add these to this page.

And after that I am done with my website..

In terms of other things, I will be maintaining my daily photography blog, using the work I am doing on my photographs of Santorini as the source of lots of new and different content.

There are also the ongoing Improve Photography articles that are published on a fortnightly basis – the next one is a biggy – “An introduction to Lightroom for new photographers”. This is due to be published Tuesday 5th December at 10am Boise time! I have written the draft and just need to refine and drop in screen shots and that article is good to go.

The next article then, with a publishing date of Tuesday 19th December 2017 is titled “My Top 20 Photography Tips for taking better photographs”.

Pop back to my blog over the weekend and you will find a fairly random selection of blog posts.

Oh yes – I have just picked up another architectural photography commission which I need to get done this weekend – can’t complain when the work keeps coming in can I?

Until the randomness that is going to be this weekend I will wish you all a happy Friday and also a happy December, now that we are all into the final month of the year.

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