Coming soon to my photography blog - my pictures of Santorini - the process from import to final edits described in detail

I am clearing the decks so I can concentrate on one thing and one thing only. I am going to do the following, in this order.

Finish off a major piece of commercial architectural photography work. This is my absolute priority.

Update the text on my construction photographer page. I never finished this and when I have done this and the next thing I am done with my website for a while.

Add a testimonials page to my website. Why do I not have one? What was I thinking? OK I have added it now, I just need to add some content to this page.

Reply to reviews on Google

Write the next four articles for Improve Photography - 2 for December, 20 for January. I might get the December ones done this year thinking about it but not all four. One is a biggy after all.

Go and see my accountant. I know. I need to do this.

Have a general tidy and organise. Clear the decks for the New Year.

And then, hopefully starting on December 1st 2017

Get stuck into 6-8 weeks worth of my pictures of Santorini

I was meant to be doing this earlier on the year, but events took over. Now I have decided to get back to this major piece of work, a a lot of work but pleasurable at the same time.

I am going to write about the following

  • Image management and selection in Lightroom
  • My set of chosen images, and why I chose them
  • Editing in Lightroom
  • Alternative edits - Luminar
  • Alternative edits - Aurora HDR
  • Alternative edits - Luminosity Masks
  • Alternative edits - Lightroom luminosity masking
  • What I do with the images once edited - these are going to be used to publicise me and my travel photography work. 
  • Social media
  • Stock sales
  • My website

I am looking forward to this, and hope that from the 2254 images I took I have 10 images worthy of my portfolio. Believe it or not that is quite ambitious.

And I hope that by describing this process in detail I will help everyone who goes on a trip and gets back and thinks, ok what now? 

Rick McEvoy Photography