A change to my photography blog schedule caused by the realistion that it is actually Christmas soon!

OK. Santorini has to wait.

I know, I should be getting cracking but can I be completely honest with you?

I am tired and need a break, so I have rescheduled the content of my photography blog for the last two weeks of December.

And one other thing – it will soon be Christmas, and everyone deserves a break at Christmas.

Even me!

So what will you be able to find on my photography blog instead?

I am going to produce a selection of quick edits of my Santorini photos this week, along with some of the videos, which you can find on my You Tube Channel by the way.

The videos are taken on my iPhone and show the scenes I was capturing in Santorini. Like this.

Now these are not the highest quality videos, but I will be working on that next year. Now that I think about it that means that I will have to go back to Santorini with my new video skills! I just need to work out how to fund this trip!

Talking of Greece, check out this post on Jen Reviews titled 100 best things to do in Greece.

Sorry for that commercial break - now where was I? 

And then I am going to write a bit about some of my photos of 2017, and finish off the year posting 10 photos that represent me as a photographer in 2017.

Seems like a logical way to end the year. I am not doing any of this “My 10 best photos of 2017” or “My Top 10 2017 photos” – no – that would be much too obvious. But I have to say they do sound like good titles for Google!

No. Just 10 images which I will write about.

All nice and gentle, nothing too serious.

But 2018 will start with intent.

I will start the New Year of 2018 writing about my aims for the upcoming year, and then get back into Santorini and all that goes with it.

It is time to take is easy after all, which is what I intend to do. And I already have the follow up to Santorini in plan, with lots more video footage coming to my website and You Tube channel in 2018.

There is even going to be proper audio too.

I know - video is the future, and I am about to  join in!

Rick McEvoy Photography