Rick McEvoy Photography Blog – update post on my pictures of Santorini

How has my first week working on my pictures of Santorini been? Well yesterday I wrote about the change of the content of my photography blog.

But today I want to write about the things that the first week of working on my Santorini photos has given me.

Well the first thing is time. Not the best time of year maybe to dedicate time outside of my day job as it turns out. But when is a good time? I have stopped at this point, time has got away with me and there are other things I need to do right now.

So how has the first week gone?

Great. I have written an introduction explaining what I am going to do – this is much more than just editing some nice photos. This is a trial of lots of things that will hopefully shape my photography business for the future.

I have enjoyed writing about what I am going to do, and then doing these things in detail. This is real learning and development work for me.

The writing about what I was going to do was incredibly useful for me,  as I spent the time thinking this through – well I have been thinking about this since April to be fair.! Getting the content and the plan right was time well spent, and if you missed it you can read this post by clicking here.

And of course there is my shiny new monitor. Check out my blog tomorrow for a brief post about this.

But for now, my Santorini photos have to wait.....

Rick McEvoy Photography