Lightroom Quick Tip - library filters help you to quickly review the content of your Lightroom Catalogue

When I am looking for something in my Lightroom Catalogue, one of the tools I use is Library Filters. 

I have just discovered the tab on the right of the Library Filter panel. 

It is set to Default Columns, but if you click on this text you get more options. I did not know about this! 

They are

Camera info

Exposure info

Filters off


Location columns



I was looking for all my black and white images in my Dorset folder, so did the following

Select my Dorset folder

Press  \ to bring up the Library filter

Click on the text field

Select "Any searchable field", "contains" and in the right hand box I typed in tif. 

And as if by magic there are all my tif files taken in Dorset. 

This selection includes all tif files, not just black and white images, but that is fine as it has narrowed down my search from 1438 i images to 42 in an instant! 

Add them to a collection and I can work on them in Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Pro

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Lightroom TIp of the Week

Friday 17th February 2017