How did I get on sorting my 2008 collections in Lightroom? A further update on my post – how to organise your photos in Lightroom

It went OK.

What went well?

I got rid of just short of 800 images.

I found some stuff that I had almost forgotten about but really liked.

I edited some old images which was great.

The blog post called “How to organise your photos in Lightroom” was the beginning of the process.

But I never really finished off the job. I have not really go on top of my Lightroom Catalogue.

I got side-tracked when I found something new to edit.

What did I not do?

  • Keyword.
  • Rate.
  • Delete as much as I wanted to.

So quite a lot still to do really. The problem is as tasks go this is quite boring.

This is what I am going to do.

Schedule the work. Assign myself the following tasks.


I cull by using the flags Pick or Reject. The keyboard shortcuts are P for pick and X for reject. Once rejected the images are deleted.


My rating system is as follows

  • 0 stars – unrated - to sort
  • 1 star – no edit required
  • 2 stars – to edit
  • 3 stars – edited - mobile
  • 4 stars – edited
  • 5 stars – edited best.



I am going to plan this into my work and see how it goes. Starting (again with those 2501 images in my Lightroom Catalogue).

I have assigned 1 day per task, this week. This is of course as well as everything else I must do but I really do need to get on with this.

And to manage the more significance ongoing problem I am going to start doing this every time I have imported new images. And I just did this and guess what - in 10 minutes it was done, and I had got that days pictures down from 200 to 30 to edit!

Yes, I am going to do this every time.

And that is it. I use picks to sort things when I am working on them, but they get removed.

So, this is the start of my brave new disciplined world of managing my Lightroom Catalogue.

I have scheduled an update on my photography blog for 4 weeks time, in late March. I find that this helps me to as it puts pressure on me. A bit like having a deadline for a report to your boss. Or in my case me and the world-wide web!

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Lost in Lightroom!

Monday 20th February 2017