Are you ready to go pro? Pro photographer that is. Check out 106 minutes of a Stella Kramer gold in this Kelby One class

I am a member at Kelby One. This is Scott Kelby’s thing.

A new class is released every week on Kelby One, and the classes are all about photography – photoshop, Lightroom, photography and the business of photography.

Scott Kelby is of course well known for his training in Photoshop and Lightroom, and for all those books on these subjects. I own quite a few of these books myself.

My current favourite book is called “How do I do that in Photoshop!”, currently available from Amazon. I can highly recommend this book, which I will be writing about in the spring. Well some of the content of it anyway.

But I wanted to mention a recent class specifically, by the Pulitzer Prize winning photo editor Stella Kramer.

The class is called Are you ready to go pro? 

This is all about going pro. The information in this class is fantastic. I recommend this class to everyone, pros and non-pros.

Why is that?

Because Stella Kramer is a photo editor.

Not a photographer.

So the class is from a different perspective. Of someone who hires photographers. Someone who looks at photographers work with different eyes to photographers. Someone who critiques portfolios.

You can check out the class here, and I will let you into a secret – you can sign up to Kelby One for a 14 day trial and watch the class for nothing. If you do that there is of course every chance that you will become a member.

So check this class out to get a different perspective on not only going professional but also on being professional, and being a better and more successful professional photographer. I am going to listen to the class again today when driving out and about in Dorset and Hampshire as I do.

And while we are on the subject of Kelby One there is also a great podcast called The Grid, which is published on a weekly basis, which I watch on a weekly basis. Well I listen to it, but watch the photo and website critiques which are great.

This might seem like an advert for Scott Kelby, which it is I guess, but I wanted to make you all aware of some of the information out there which can help all of us grow as photographers. I wish I had known stuff like this when I was starting out in photography!

Rick McEvoy Photography

Friday 3rd March 2016