The new home button on the iPhone 7 Plus - something different

Apple have changed the home button on the iPhone 7 Plus.

It is weird. It sorts of clicks when you press it but doesn't seem to move. You get a physical confirmation when you press the button.

I can't work it out, and for a few minutes I wanted to take my new phone back to the Carphone Warehouse

Just a few minutes, and then I got used to it. 

Then I forgot I didnt like it completely. Quite the reverse. No it is brilliant.

I know it's just a button on a phone but all the same a very pleasing improvement from the iPhone 6! 

Sometimes new things take some getting used to, and I can be so impatient sometimes. 

As someone once said about the wheel - that will never catch on...... 

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Monday morning wisdom

Monday 27th March 2017