Lightroom Quick Tip - one way to get Lightroom working quicker

It's a Monday morning. Early on a Monday morning. I am sat at my desk trying to get on with my work. Only Lightroom doesn't appear to be want to join me.


What to do?

I shut it down using the Task Manager, as it is not responding, literally not responding.

I need to do something else. Lightroom Mobile is staring at me on my iPad and iPhone, but I need my iPad for writing this post. Well writing about what I am meant to be working on in Lightroom that is, so as much as this will work I want actual Lightroom on my actual PC.

I will not be defeated! 

Plan B in these circumstances is to fire up the Adobe Creative Cloud App, which I do. I launch Lightroom from there and it fires up straight away.  It's actually really quick!

If you are finding Lightroom won't load or is painfully slow try this and it might help you out. 

This is one thing Adobe really need to fix - the speed issues with Lightroom.  And the unpredictability. Thankfully this morning it hasn't impacted me too much..... (but if it does I will let you know).

Right, time to get back to the image I am meant to be working on and writing about. 

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Lightroom Quick Tip

Monday 27th March 2017