10 keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom you might not know about

Here are 10 keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom which you might not be familiar with?

  1. F - Full screen image
  2. C - Compare two images
  3. I - Cycle info on the photo
  4. F2 - Rename an image
  5. Ctrl E - Edit in Photoshop
  6. Ctrl H - Create HDR
  7. Shift Ctrl H - Creat HDR image direct using previous settings (a real time saver) 
  8. Y - Side by side - before and after
  9. K - Adjustment Brush
  10. Z - Toggle zoom views. 

This is not my Top 10 keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom, just 10 shortcuts which are less welll known.

I use keyboard shortcuts all the time, and they make my work in Lightroom much more efficient.

I hope that you find this list of shortcuts helpful - if you have any questions just let me know. 


Rick McEvoy Photography 

Quick Tips in Lightroom

Sunday 14th May 2017