How am I getting on with my set of 12 pictures for my Dorset Photographer web page?

It’s taking forever. This is where I am up to as of now, Friday 28th April 2017

I have 14 images in a Lightroom Collection. I want 12. So two have to go. Right now.

This is the list of my 14 pictures of Dorset (in date order for now as I have not sequenced the image sets yet and this is how Lightroom sequences by default).

Kimmeridge Bay at sunrise

I love this picture and this is definitely staying. The coastline of Dorset is such a significant part of the county of Dorset, and Kimmeridge Bay is such a popular location.

Portland Bill Lighthouse

Again I love this shot, and it is nice to have some architectural photography in Dorset included on this web page. As I have said many many times, everyone loves a Lighthouse!!

The view of the beach at West Bay from the cliffs above.

I like this picture looking towards the beach at West Bay and the coast beyond. This image needs to be re-edited, which I will do shortly. I know what I want to do to this image, what kind of styling I want to apply.

Portland viewed from Ringstead Bay.

Again, definitely staying as it is. No further work to do. Love this picture of Portland. Viewed from the National Trust site located at Ringstead.

The picture of Lulworth Cove

Definitely staying again. An iconic Dorset landmark, and a fantastic subject for a picture. And not too bad a picture even if I say so myself.

Dorset Red Post.

I am going to keep this image in, and re-photograph this post next time I am in the area. I have an idea but his picture of the Dorset Red Post stays for now. I like the story attached to this image. Well the subject.

Durdle Door IPhone edit 20/11/2011

I love this composition and am going to revisit the edit of this picture and edit an original version in actual Lightroom on my actual PC.

Sunrise over Millionaires Row in Sandbanks

This image is being taken out of the set. One more to get rid of and I am down to my set of 12.

Cove Fish, Lulworth Cove

This is a final edit and something nicely different which stays. Many people walk past this small shop just before they get to Lulworth Cove, but I wonder how many people take a picture of it?

Bats Head.

This is an old image and an old edit which I am going to revisit. As ever I have a finished style in mind for this picture.

Durdle Door long shot

This long view is great, but needs a bit of a tweak to the edit. A bit of dodging and burning and a bit of tweaking to the colours. That’s all.

Port of Poole at sunrise

This image is the other one to go. It just does not do it for me in this collection of pictures of Dorset.

The view looking towards Brownsea Island at sunset

Again, I like images which are a bit different, and this simplistic, minimalist picture of the view from Shore Road looking towards Brownsea Island is a picture I really like. Nice colours, mood and feel. I think this will be the last image in the set.

Delph Woods, Broadstone, Poole.

This image stays. It mixes up the set and is not an image you will find in a set of pictures of Dorset.

I am happy with this set of 12 photos of Dorset, which covers some iconic Dorset tourist landmarks as well as some lesser known and lesser photographed locations in Dorset. I have included images featuring the Dorset coastline, including the Jurassic Coast, as well a couple of buildings and a road sign. And of course a picture of some wonderfully moody and mysterious woods.

This is what I actually need to do to finish my Dorset Photographer page.

1 - Edit the following images

  • The picture of the cliffs at West Bay
  • Two pictures of Durdle Door.
  • The picture of Bats Head.

2 - Delete the pictures of Millionaires Row in Sandbanks and the Port of Poole at sunrise (well remove from the collection in Lightroom).

3 - Caption and title all the images in Lightroom.

4 - Sequence the images. Very important. I have a range of subjects in this set that need to be sequenced so the collection works as a whole.

5 - Export the images from Lightroom to upload to my website.

6 - Produce black and white images of all the final edits which are to be added to my black and white landscape photography in Dorset web page.

7 - Add the 24 images to my stock companies – this is very important as this is something I am not doing that I need to get into the routine of doing every time I produce work suitable to place for sale in stock markets. (Not stock markets – if it was I wouldn’t be writing this stuff every day!).

I need to get myself set up to quickly export these images to two stock sites that I use. I will write separately about this.

8 - Once the images are uploaded onto my Dorset photographer web page each one needs a title and description within the template of my Squarespace website.

9 - Each image also needs a paragraph of descriptive text adding to my webpage, complete with helpful and relevant links.

10 - Delete the old images and text.

Not much then!

And that should be that.

I will post the set of twelve images one day on my photography blog, along with a day of sharing the images on my various social media channels. I might make 12 separate posts. Yes why not?

And that will be that done.

And then it will be time to move on with another set of posts about a page on my website, this time my construction product photographer page.

And then I am going to get rid some draft posts before embarking on my next major project which I am looking forward greatly to starting.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer

Friday 28th April 2017