The last update on my Dorset Photographer page I promise - I am all done now!

Last week I wrote about the things I needed to do to finish the Dorset Photographer page of my website.

I decided that I would give myself to today to get this sorted. 

So how have I got on? 

These were the 10 things I had to do. 

1 - Edit the following images

  • The picture of the beach from the cliffs at West Bay
  • Two pictures of Durdle Door.
  • The picture of Bats Head.

I have done this. And also the sunset picture looking towards Brownsea Island.

2 - Delete the pictures of Millionaires Row in Sandbanks and the Port of Poole at sunrise (well remove from the collection in Lightroom).

Done. Literally in seconds. I did this first. The easy job! 

3 - Caption and title all the images in Lightroom.

All done.  

4 - Sequence the images. Very important. I have a range of subjects in this set that need to be sequenced so the collection works as a whole.

Done, although I will change the order of the images at my leisure! 

5 - Export the images from Lightroom to upload to my website.

6 - Produce black and white images of all the final edits which are to be added to my black and white landscape photography in Dorset web page.

Done again.  As I had captioned the black and white pictures at the same time as the colour images they were ready to go. When I produced the black and white versions of the pictures they were saved to the collection with the colour images. All nice and neat and orderly. 

7 - Add the 24 images to my stock companies – this is very important as this is something I am not doing that I need to get into the routine of doing every time I produce work suitable to place for sale in stock markets. (Not stock markets – if it was I wouldn’t be writing this stuff every day!).

I need to get myself set up to quickly export these images to two stock sites that I use. I will write separately about this.

For now though I have not done this. But I will explain. Trust me. 

8 - Once the images are uploaded onto my Dorset photographer web page each one needs a title and description within the template of my Squarespace website.

All done. 

9 - Each image also needs a paragraph of descriptive text adding to my webpage, complete with helpful and relevant links.

All done. 

10 - Delete the old images and text.

Done. Blimey. Nearly at the end of this mammoth task. Although it took a while I did quite enjoy it and the work itself gives me plenty of material to write about on my bog, not that I am short of content!

Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer

Saturday 20th May 2017