Check out this great photography podcast I have just discovered - The Togcast Photography Podcast

The Togcast Photography Podcast was launched in September 2016. I have just discovered it.

How did I miss this? 

I have listened to episode 13, and skipped episode 14 (the most recent podcast) for now to go to the very beginning. I am writing this listening to episode number 2. 

I highly recommend this photography podcast, which is a great listen. 

What is it all about? 

I have copied this word for word from the about page of the Togcast website.

"Our Story

What started as just a wistful idea developed into a plan and then into action! After a few months of research, consideration, decisions and copious amounts of self doubt Sam pushed on with The Togcast idea and teamed up with Paul to get the ball rolling in 2016.

Wishing to present high quality, regular and consistent photography related content was the goal, engaging the photography community to both share, inspire and support.

Whether it be on a lonely drive in the mad hours of the day or when out jogging, walking or scouting locations, The Togcast is here to engage and connect all photographers with this beautiful art form and community of like minded individuals."

This is a link to the actual podcast in iTunes

Absolutely nothing against American people, but it is nice to hear a podcast by a couple of English chaps.

I will list my favourite photography podcasts in a separate post to make sure I am not offending anybody! 

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Wednesday 5th April 2017