Quick Tip in Lightroom - two ways to add images to target collections - depending if you are reclining in your chair or not!

I heard this mentioned on the Improve Photography Podcast, and thought it well worth repeating here. 

It is the key B.

Thats all. 

One key. 

I use target collections in Lightroom all the time.

There are two ways of adding images to a target collection. One is to right click on the selected image (or images) you want adding to your target collection and selecting "Add to Target Collection". The other one is to press the key B.

Yep. That simple. 

I use both, depending on what I am doing, and how far back in my chair I am reclining. This is when the right click is handy, when I can't physically reach the keyboard!  

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Quick Tip in Lightroom

Tuesday 4th April 2017