The Guided Upright tool in Lightroom CC - is it better than manual correction of verticals?


I have just tried it on a series of architectural photography images I am working on in Lightroom. Or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC to be complete and correct. As is often the case I will not be posting these images.

I am actually writing this post whilst I wait for the 6 final edits to appear in Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Pro.

I have just tried the Guided Upright feature again having found it too fiddly before. What I want from this tool is for it to be

  • quicker
  • as accurate
  • and easier to use

than the manual corrections tools.

And it is.

Here they are the images now so off I go.

But before I do, if you havent tried the Guided Upright Tool in the Transform Panel in Lightroom Classic give it a go. Check out this artcile for a little bit more info from the Adobe Blog.

Rick McEvoy Photography - Lightroom Quick Tips