Choosing the images for my Dorset Photographer web page – how do I select 12 images out of the thousands of pictures of Dorset in my Lightroom Collection?

 My Dorset Photographer web page is important to me. I am after all a photographer in Dorset. What am I not happy with? My choice of pictures of Dorset. It’s not a great choice to be completely honest with you - at the time of writing.

I like having a set of 12 images on each page on my website. There is a nice symmetry to this for me, and this allows to display the images either in a grid format or as a slideshow that is long enough but not too long.

So, I always struggle to get down to 12 images. And then at some point I wake up. What is the point of this web page?

It is to display the best 12 pictures that showcase the county of Dorset in my eyes. And that is the key.

In my eyes. Anyone can take a photograph. But only I have my eyes, trained over the years (and worked on intensively by Leightons & Tempany in Poole!) to see things my way.

That’s it. Nothing else.

And do the set of 12 images do that now?


Some I love and are staying. Some must go. Some are of the right subject but are not the right image.

I can be quite harsh on myself but in the internet world we live and work in you must get people’s attention quickly, and hold it. I need pictures that are striking, my best work.

What is the county of Dorset all about then?

  • The striking, dramatic Jurassic Coast.
  • Iconic tourist landmarks such as Durdle Door.
  • Colourful, vibrant country side.
  • Rural villages and towns.
  • Coastal living.
  • The sea.
  • The coastline.
  • A spectacular English landscape.

That does it for me.

And do the set of 12 images I have included on my Dorset Photographer web page do these words justice? Not really.

So, I am afraid I am going to inflict a rethink of this page on you via my photography blog.

Tomorrow I will do a bit more thinking. Saturday, I will post the images I am not happy with. And on Sunday I will write about the images I am going to include on this important page of my website.

See what I have done? I have set myself a timetable and published it for the world to see. This is how I get myself to do things!

You never know, it might happen this way?

Bear with me, hopefully I will soon have a web page I am happy with, and then we can all get on with things happy in the knowledge that I am happy with this one little thing.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer

Thursday 6th April 2017