How I quickly sort out my images in Lightroom

I bracket all my shots on commercial shoots. When I have downloaded the images into Lightroom I have three files for each image.

This is where stacking comes in. I use stacking to stack the three images from one bracketed exposure set, leaving just the first image on top of the stack. 

To quickly do this I select all the images, and right click and select

"Stacking", then "Auto Stack by Capture Time" 

There is a an option to change the  "Time Between Stacks" but I leave it at the default of 2 seconds, which works for me.

Buildings don't move that quickly! 

Next I right click on all the images, and select "Stacking" followed by "Collapse all stacks" and that is it - job done. 

A quick check to make sure each stack has three images (there is a number top left on the image) and then I can review individual image captures. 

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Quick Tip in Lightroom

Thursday 6th April 2017