My top 10 things to think about when you go out to take photographs - (enjoyment is the key by the way)

1 - Go out and take pictures, This is the most important thing you can do. Actually go out to take photographs.

2 - Get to where you are going to take pictures. Stop. Look around. Don't just turn up and start taking photos. Look around. Think. Get a feel for where you are.

3 - Think about your composition. To do this I put my camera on my tripod. It makes taking a picture a more considered act.  Think each time you take a picture.

4 - Enjoy where you are.

5 - Enjoy taking pictures.  Enjoy the creative processs.

6 - Be honest with the pictures you have created.. 

7 - Edit the best pictures. Delete the rest. 

8 - Post/ share/ publish/ print your creations. 

9 - Enjoy what you have created. 

10 - Look at what you have created. Think about your work. Think about what you could do to make better pictures. 

Photography is a wonderful thing. 

Photography is to be enjoyed. 

Photography is simple. It is something to enjoy. 

Let's not forget that. 

And stop worrying about the gear!! 

Rick McEvoy Photography 

Professional Photographer - my top 10 things to think about when taking pictures.

Friday 5th May 2017