Always room for one more good one - wise words

I was listening to the Improve Photography Podcast, and picked up on an article on real estate photography which I found interesting. I liked one thing, not related specfically to photography, which is as follows (I am copying the exact text from the page I have linked to)

"When Leonard Nimoy was struggling to find work as an actor, he drove taxis in the evening to make ends meet.  One night he picked up John F. Kennedy (yeah, that one) who was a Massachusetts senator at the time.  They talked about career aspirations and politics.  Kennedy said to him, “There's lots of competition in your business, much like mine.  Just remember, there's always room for one more good one.” 

Jim Harmer and Kirk Bergman - thank you. 

I like that. 

Wise words. 

Rick McEvoy Photography