New thinking (by me) on the things that I need to do (next) to help my photography business grow - aka doing real work and putting the fun stuff last (for once)

The plans for my photography business work have had a rethink. Well I have had a rethink.

I did have a plan, but this ignored the priorities for my photography business.

I have to sort the business side out before I can get on to the fun stuff, even though this fun stuff will end up having a significant commercial value (hopefully). When I say fun stuff I mean producing a set of high quality (hopefully) images from a trip.

This is what I will be working on next after the completion of my construction product photography series of posts, interspersed with some pictures of the winter sunlight in the trees at The Vyne in both colour and black and white.

And the odd other image thrown in as and when.

I have had an amount of time with my iPad Pro where I have been able to edit images in Lightroom Mobile only which I have found quite enjoyable. That is where these other images came from.

And now to make things worse the other day I got a sunrise shoot In at a fantastic location - more on this later.

So this is where I am going next.

Firstly, I am going to write about my interior photography page. I have already selected a set of 12 images for this particular page on my website, and started working on the text.

After that I am going to rewrite all my commercial photography pages, with a new set of 12 images on each page. You can find these web pages under the “Work” category on my website.

Architectural photographer

When I look at the images on this page I cringe. I need to decide on the range of images I am going to include on this page though.

Commercial photographer

Not much more to be done to this page, which is not too bad to be honest. Oh yes it needs some text.

Construction photographer

Another page needing some much better images and some more relevant and up to date text.

Freelance photographer

This is my anything I want page. I love this page, and am looking forward to coming up with a great mix of personal work. I have no idea what I am going to include on this page at all. I might go with a theme. Like trees. Sun on water. The colour orange.

That kind of thing.

Industrial photographer (industrial photographers will be consigned to the archive folder leaving me with a brand new page to produce).

Again I have some great new stuff to add to this page which will massively improve the content, appeal and my marketability.

Landscape photographer

This will be tricky. 12 landscape images. Hmmmmmm.

Property photographer

No problem with this page – it is all about the selection of images and the words to go with this.

So. Seven pages to go after the interior photographer page. Not too bad really. I just need to get on with this.

A couple of pages are going to go into the archive (so I don’t lose any links)

Aerial photographer

  • I never got into this but this is definitely one for the future.

Building photographers

  • This page has its origins in the days when I was trying to do my own website SEO by web pages. I now have a daily blog so have no real need for this web page any more. Off to the archive it goes. Meaning less work for me.

Corporate photographer

  • This is not an area I am targeting at the moment.

Google Maps Business View photographer

  • Again a venture I started to work in but decided was not for me.

Interior design photographer

  • As above

Panoramic photography

  • As above

Property photography – replaced by property photographer

What this consolidation of web pages does do is further help me with the focus of my photography business to the following

  • Architectural photography
  • Construction photography
  • Construction product photography
  • Freelance photography – basically doing whatever I want!!
  • Interior photography
  • Industrial photography

And not forgetting of course these three which all fit nicely together

  • Landscape photography
  • Stock photography
  • Travel photography

(See later in this post for more about these three)

And having just secured a new commission I really need to start a product photography web page. 

The reason for this is basically that I need to focus on the images for these pages, some of which are much too old, and I need text on each page for SEO purposes. I just need to get this done, starting with the first page and just carrying on until I am done. Once this is done it takes time for the SEO value of the work to be realised, so I need to do this now before getting on with something much more interesting and enjoyable.

The next thing is to have a refresh of the images on my home page. It is just nice to do this, and the work done on the other pages will feed into this nicely.

That leaves another major piece of work which is my places web pages.

I have completed the following pages

So I still need to do

After that I want to add to my commissions page one image from each commercial shoot I have done.

But that is for later.

I am going to start with these seven commercial photography website pages, which will each have 12 new images and new text, all done properly and in an orderly fashion.

Then I am going to get on with the thing I have been looking forward to since I went to this place in April of this year. I am going to spend as long as I want on the images from this trip, which will naturally supply my picture stock submissions and a new page on my website, possible under places, possibly a new category called countries. I think counties will work well, and give me a good focus for the work I am planning this winter, leading into 2018.

Sorry it is far too early in the year to be talking about next year!

I am going to start using luminosity masks too, once I have sorted the images I am going to process. I am going to start by sorting the images, selecting some to edit, then edit each one three ways (Masterchef speak sorry) which will be

Single image edit in Lightroom/ Photoshop

HDR edit in Lightroom/ Photoshop

And then

Luminosity masking of the same image.

And then a black and white image – I need to source some black and white software for this before I start.

So I will have three differently edited colour images. I cant wait to see what the three will look like side by side – this is very exciting to me.

So this little lot will take me well into the summer I have no doubt, so I will see where I am up to

August 2017 and post an update. There will be daily posts of course along the way, along with the odd additional post here and there.

Thanks for reading this post, and please get in touch with any photography queries either by my contact page, phone or email.


Rick McEvoy Photography

Monday 12th June 2018