Is Lightroom any quicker after the latest updates? And a suggestion from me for an additional feature in Lightroom please Adobe.

Well I am trying a bulk HDR Merge in Lightroom as we speak, and I have got 10 HDR Merges running at the moment before it started to creak.

I have stopped at 10 to see how quickly Lightroom catches up with itself, giving me a few minutes to write this post.  I never got to 10 before so that suggests an improvement in performance.

Which leads me into something that would be a great addition to Lightroom. I have 30 bracketed sets of images in one folder. At the moment I have to select the images I want to merge manually, ask Lightroom to do this the (using shift, Ctrl H), then move on to the next image and do the same.  I have to do the same thing 30 times.

If only there was a way of selecting all the images in the folder and asking Lightroom to just merge all the bracketed sets - now that would be something.  I could ask Lightroom to do this in the background and leave it to it and get on with something else.

How about it Adobe? So many of us have all our images in Lightroom, and would benefit from this additional automation? 

Back to the HDR Merges. I think I have asked too much at once. Lightroom has not produced one HDR dng file yet - it is working on 11 sets of images at once though! 

I will try one at once and see how that progresses. 

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