One reason why I decided not to keep the Apple Watch - too many notifications

The last word on my Apple Watch.  

The arrival of my Apple Watch coincided with me finishing reading, or should I say listening to, an excellent book called

The Four Hour Work Week. It's written by Tim Ferris. To give its full title

"The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich" 

And it is brilliant. There are lots and lots of things in there, but one that really struck me as perfect sense was check emails two/ three times a day. Think about it. How often do we check emails?

Me? Far too often. And do I gain any benefit from this checking and checking emails. 

No.  To the contrary it is disruptive and counter productive.

And getting back to the point, one of the things the Apple Watch does is provide instant notifications of all sorts of things. 

Just at the time when I was realising that this was exactly what I did not want. 

So the last word from me on the Apple Watch is this. 

It's an incredibly clever and cool bit of kit. 

But not for me. Not now. 

You can get the Four Hour Work Week from Amazon to read or listen to. 

And you can get the Apple Watch I tried from Amazon here - it is the Apple 42 mm Sports Watch with Aluminum Case - Space Grey/Black - (1st Generation) .

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